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The once in a lifetime chance to have those special senior portraits done! Changes of clothes....different locations....cool props and stylized sessions....what could be more fun? Your senior will have several hours to get many different looks out of their session time. From country to urban and everything in between!

Senior session Q & A:

  • How long will my session be?    Generally around 2 hours, give or take.
  • Do you have a studio?    No, I only work outdoors on location.
  • Can I have clothing changes?    Of course, 2-4 changes are welcomed and encouraged.
  • How will I decide on the location?    We'll have a consultation by email or phone about location and clothing when you book your session.    
  • Can you give me some ideas for clothing?    I'd LOVE to! I have a couple web sites you can look at for inspiration. Check out Salt&Prep, Body Central, and my Pinterest site of senior style ideas.
  • How many proofs will I see?    There will be anywhere from 20-30 images presented to you in your gallery.
  • Do you have a favorite location?    Not really! I've used quite a few different locations, and love all sorts of different looks. We work together to decide the kind of look you want for your images. I do like to use a place, or nearby places that will provide us with a nice variety! Some of my favorite locations are Urban ones....a bit of grunge provides us with some awesome colors and textures! If you have a favorite hangout, by all means discuss it with me!
  • Can I bring someone along with me to my session?    Absolutely! I encourage it. It can be your Mom, a friend, sister.....anyone. But warn them they will probably be put to use as my assistant.
  • What do we do if it's raining on our date?    We will work together to reschedule asap for another date that is convenient for the both of us. If the weather is just cloudy/overcast, we will not reschedule. Only in the event of constant rain.
  • Can I have some images posted to my Facebook page?     Yes! I love to tag a few of your images to your wall. Facebook has been a great tool for me to get my name out there, and I love seeing my clients using an image from their session as their profile pic. I do ask that the watermark is left intact though. And a link back to my business page is appreciated!
  • Do you do stylized sessions?     Oh I'm glad you asked that!! I would LOVE to do a stylized senior session!!  By this I mean planning your session around a certain "theme" or "look". It could be vintage, urban grunge, a picnic, on a boat, you name it. Your imagination and creativity can go wild:)
  • Do you have a senior rep program?    As a matter of fact I do. You can fill out this form to apply. I only take 1-2 reps per school, per year. You would need to apply before your senior year to be eligible however. 

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