Thursday, August 21, 2014

family beach get away

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Pin It Oh how I love going to the Washington coast! We have such a varied coastline here. Up in the northern most part of the state, the coastline is rugged and rocky, very different than the southern part of the state.
But the Ocean Shores or Longbeach area is perfect for a family getaway with two little boys. Lots of sand for digging and wide open space for kite flying!
I went for just 2 nights/3 days with one of my daughters and 2 grandsons. It was the first time both boys have been there together. The 4 year old was there as a toddler, so doesn't remember anyway.

Like it usually is at the ocean, there was fog in the morning, but we lucked out and the afternoons and evenings were beautiful and sunny. There was lots of playing in the sand with trucks, running around chasing seagulls, and kite flying going on. All in all, I think the boys really enjoyed themselves. Oh and deer, lots of deer to be seen, including right outside our condo in the grass.

And here was Bennett back in 2011 at the beach chasing the seagulls-

And here he is now!

Looking forward to many more of these fun little mini vacations!


mandy @a sorta fairytale said...

How fun to compare the two seagull photos from 2011 and this year!

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