Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Snippets from 2012

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Pin It I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the year 2013....sounds so futuristic! Where did 2012 go to so fast? For me it was lots of fun and busyness in both my personal and profession life.
On the personal side, the year started with my first grandson turning 2. Then a few months after that, the BIRTH of my second grandson and the wonderful opportunity to be present and photograph that BIRTH!
Then I enjoyed doing the NEWBORN session for him.
Did a couple of really fun photographer PLAY DATES and had fun photographing kids and seniors! The GIRLS were gorgeous!

I took several little 2-3 day getaways around Washington state for fun and picture taking opportunities.
My one big vacation was to New Orleans in August. August, right? Isn't that the hottest, muggiest time of the year? Well....yes it is. And it's also prone to hurricanes! Which is exactly what happened while I was there....Hurricane Issac. The airport closed down the day of my flight back home, so I got to stay there for another 4 days....yay! It wasn't all bad. More sightseeing opportunities, and more bloody marys:)
Believe it or not, I actually haven't finished figuring out what photos I want to blog, so I haven't done a post yet. That's the problem when you take so many photos! Maybe I'll give you just one for now though......
New Orleans night photo

Then another highlight of 2013 was the birth of my third grandson!!! This just happened in December, and I am currently working on those images, so a blog post will be here soon. I was extremely happy to be present for that birth also. What a miracle. Stay tuned for that post!

My fine art business is going great. I have many places that I sell my images, as prints, canvas, and lots of products like pillows, phone cases, laptop and ipad skins, totes....the list goes on and on! I belong to a couple FB groups with awesome, talented, supportive people that helps to bring some fun into all the many hours of work necessary to get it all done. I've been amazed at the success so far this year, much more than I ever imagined! I'm so appreciative of all those people out there that like my photography enough to buy it on products:)
You can find my work on:
THE KASE - currently in shops in France - online opening up soon!

I only take portrait client work part time, because of juggling all of the above AND my nursing job where I work 12 hour days. 2012 brought me some great clients and sessions, so I thought I'd share a few images from those for you. Thank you all, it was a pleasure to work with you!!

Bellevue newborn photographer
Bellevue couples photographer
Seattle newborn photographer
Bellevue senior photographer
Bellevue maternity photographer
Bellevue senior photographer
Bellevue newborn photographer
Bellevue children's photographer
Bellevue newborn photographer
Bellevue family photographer
Marysville newborn photographer
Bellevue senior photographer
Bellevue newborn photographer
Tacoma senior photographer
Bellevue senior photographer
Tacoma senior phtographer
Seattle family photographer
Seattle family photographer
seattle family photographer

Thanks for keeping up with me and following my blog! Wishing you all the happiest, healthiest 2013!


Janet Antepara said...

Nice recap Sylvia! Here's to another successful year!

Sylvia Cook said...

Thanks Janet, same to you!

Natalie Mae Photo said...

Congrats on having your photography be international! So cool! And I adore the image of the twins...way too cute!

joncee said...

great recap of the year! I love Seattle! Great images

Jen said...

The two babies side by side in the crate.. so precious!! It is also inspiring to other photographers sharing your fine art photography success!! Congrats!

Melissa Jean said...

Looks like you've had an exciting beautiful year!

Ally D said...

What a great year for you, Sylvia! Love your work!

Sarah said...

I adore your newborn work!! Great year!

Christine said...

What an incredibly exciting year for you!! Best of luck for the year ahead xx

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