Thursday, July 5, 2012

New texture club!

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Pin It I thought I'd share a couple recent photos that I took on a short trip to the beach this week, and to introduce you to Joel Olives new texture club!
Joel has been a Flicker contact of mine from way back, and I've always loved his work. He does flowers, butterflies, macro and landscape so beautifully! Now he has taken the plunge into making beautiful textures for us photographers that like to add them to our images! I love using textures, both on portrait work and fine art images. Many times an added texture can give just the right touch to turn an image into a really special piece of art.

Joel has started a texture club for a $10 month charge.
Here's what his website has to say about it:
"The Texture Club is a place for digital artists, photographers,  and designers to get unique textures, tools for Photoshop and Lightroom, and any other visual tools and tutorials that I create.  Throughout the month, new textures and photographic tools will be added to the site.  Purchasing a monthly membership gets you access to all the tools I’ve created for that month. Your $10/month will get you access to at least 15 new unique textures, plus all the other goodies I create, each month.  Billing is done through PayPal and you can cancel at anytime."

Here's a couple of my recent shots to show you what you can do with the textures. The one below I used 2 of Joel's textures "scratchy" and "explorer".

This one I used "inkadee" "reclaim" and "treasure map"

Here's a before and after comparison:
To go to Joel's website and purchase any of his texture packs or to join the texture club,
 just click on the banner below!!


Katherine said...

I will admit that I am not always a fan of textures, but then that's because I can never seem to utilize them well. I LOVE the way that you use them though

Kate said...

So cool what the textures do to the photos! Love it!

Rachel Brenke said...

okay these textures rock! you've inspired me to try them again!!

Rachel said...

That first photo is my personal fave but they all look lovely. I have never really considered textures on photos before but these are good examples of when it's done well.

Shayna Rundell Hardy said...

I LOVE textures on photos, adds a new dimension to them!

Dorie Howell said...

I love textures on some photos, these looks great.

Huong Forrest said...

I love the artistic quality of the textures!

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