Friday, June 8, 2012

cropping ratios demystified

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Pin It Digital cropping ratios seem to be quite the mystery for many clients/buyers.
I sell fine art images online, as well as prints from portrait sessions, and many times people order an image in a size that doesn't suit that particular image. 

Aspect ratio is the relationship of an image's width to height, or its proportions. Digital cameras produce files with an aspect ratio of 4:3. But many common photo print sizes have a different aspect ratio. For example, a 4 by 6 print has an aspect ratio of 3:2; an 8 by 10 has an aspect ratio of 5:4.

I've put together a little visual comparing the differences, hoping to take some of the confusion out of why the image you see in an online gallery will look different when it's printed. 
When I have someone order something in a size I don't feel will work for an image, I always do a little crop  screenshot in photoshop and send it in an email to my client. 

Thanks to my friend and fellow photographer Sacha Blue for sharing this template below.
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cropping ratios

cropping ratios for digital images


Jessica said...

Great post! I love how you showed the differences in crops. Thank you for sharing!

Kathy Weeks said...

This is a great post, Thanks for doing it

Huong said...

Oh, I love these visuals! Thanks!

Chris Noakes said...

Those templates are great. It's always bugged me that 8x10 is such a popular size... I'd love to see 8x12 become the norm. But try going to a normal store (Walmart lets say) to buy an 8x12 frame...

Motormouthmacey said...

Great post!  Cropping really does change an image's look and feel.  This was a great way of showing it!

Thereasa Gwinn said...

What a wonderfully informative post!

Rachel said...

GREAT post sylvia!

Audrey Choate said...

So helpful! Thank you

liza said...

This is wonderful information for both personal and professional use. Thanks for posting!

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