Monday, February 6, 2012

2 years old already!

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Pin It How does the time go by so fast? Seems like just yesterday I was hosting a huge contest on this blog to celebrate Bennett's first birthday, and now he's just turned 2 already!

I thought I'd do a post with a few of the pictures I took at his party. He had a Toy Story themed party since that had been one of his favorite movies for the last 6 months or so. He can at least sit for more than 2 minutes now to watch some of it!

Now compare this cake eating collage with the one below it from last year. I think both times he enjoyed it!!!  (excuse the funky lighting)
 and at his one year birthday


Karen Cooley said...

What a cutie!!  We had a Cars theme for our son when he was that age - or perhaps for his 3rd birthday.  It was Cars, Cars, Cars all day long for many many days...  Little boys!  :)  Wonderful captures!

Jo Reason said...

wonderful memories

Chris said...

Ahhhaaa... that is pretty cool, last year to this year. How fun is it to watch the little ones grow up in front of your lens?!  Pretty awesome!

Tara Colburn said...

I love that you included last year and this year's photos. So fun to see them grow!

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