Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Pin It Just a fun little post for today! I was thinking about how many things I try to cram into my day, week, month, year.

Do you ever feel like you're running in 10 different directions and not finishing a single task when you'd like too? Or is it just me? Ha ha!
Sometimes it feels impossible to get all the things done that I want to.

Lets count them up....
1.Time at work "on the real job" nursing at a hospital for 12 hour days....sure it's only 5 days in 2 weeks, but when I'm gone from the house for a 13 hr stretch it leaves little time for anything else.
2. The portrait photography business that I do on the days that I don't work. This involves the actual session time, the travel time, scouting out new locations, the editing time, the client communication time, the prep time, the blogging and gallery uploading time, plus much more.
3. Upkeeping and posting to 4 blogs...yup 4.
4. Making cards, templates for albums, facebook, etc.
5. Weeding through and answering emails both personal and business related.
6. Reading online info related to the photography business. Participating in online forums.
7. Preparing images and uploading to my online shops Etsy, Zazzle and Society 6. Mailing items.
8. Preparing and uploading images to the Getty site
9. I have a doesn't clean itself.
10. I have a yard.... it doesn't maintain itself. The weeds keep growing despite how many times I tell them not to.
11. I have a family. 2 daughters in the area that I like to see at least every week or 2. Plus the grandson and another on the way.
12. I have friends I like to see and hang out with once in awhile.
13. Facebook...time suck, but hey the business page is important. Oh and speaking of time sucks...PINTEREST! (follow me)
14. Shopping and cooking, I suppose I have to do that on occasion!
15. Doing something for fun once in awhile....going to a movie, planning and taking a vacation!
16. Can we just lump all the maintenance stuff into one (dentist, car, doctor)
17. Trying to remember to watch Grey's Anatomy on Thursday nights!
18. And all the other things that are too numerous to list that are not factored in here (like eating, showering, bathroom time, making coffee, getting stuck in Seattle traffic, etc)

But when all else fails and I feel bored, I can always waste my time taking fun photos for myself! Facebook group challange: Cookie Splash! Like I NEED another challenge! But you know what? Sometimes I do! It's all well and good to love the portrait part of photography, but taking the time to do something fun....for me...or more importantly as a challenge is cool. I used to do alot of these sorts of things when I was real active in Flickr. Now the facebook groups take that place, so I though, what the heck!
I took time away from what I was doing to get my cookie splash all set up. First time trying to capture fast action like this, and I like the results! In fact, I can see myself doing it again sometime.

So here's the fruits of my splash pictures!

The water one was my practice shot. I read to use colored liquid as it would show up better, but I like the way the water one looks! I think I caught a cool splash pattern, first try and all.
Now for the coffee and cookies, what a mess it made. Cookies got soaked on the first try, so it's a good thing I got one that I liked:)
And no 2 shots will ever look the same, isn't that cool?

What about you? What do you do for fun when you should be working?

And by the way, I've made this image available as an iphone case in my Society6 shop. Both for the iphone 3 or 4. Have a look.


Danielle LaFleur said...

You work as a nurse too?  Sweetie - it is way past time for you to do photography full time.  I hope you have some kind of exit strategy because your photos are more awesome then a possum. 

Sylvia Cook said...

Lol Danielle, Never heard of more awesome than a possum, but it gave me a giggle!

Thestudiotrainer said...

Yep, as if you weren't already, you're officially my hero. I want to grow up and be like you.

Sylvia Cook said...

ditto to you Kate! Thanks for the nice words:)

Georgianna Lane said...

Oh, Sylvia, you know I can so relate to this! I had to make an effort to make myself concentrate today on ONE thing until it was done as my office (and mind) were chaos! But look what you've created in the midst of going in 10 directions – an AMAZING image! Your first attempt is fantastic. xo

Angela Drabek said...

You forgot to put cookies on the list. Gotta make time for the cookies. Great post!

Sacha Blue said...

I can totally the personal projects and think they are the key to maintaining sanity.  Ironically these splish splash pictures are so neat and probably make a good visual representation of how my life feels when I'm trying to do ten things at once. 

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