Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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 means a person who is greatly loved; dear to the heart.
This new form of portrait session is about the experience of connecting with your beloved, about interacting with your beloved to remember the connection that attracted to you one another.
This session differs from the typical type of session, in that there is dialogue and interaction rather than posing in the usual sense. You'll feel like you're getting to know one another again, remembering things that you hadn't thought about in a long time.
Again, this session came out of a facebook group that I belong to. Someone asked a question about "Beloved" sessions...the discussion began...and from there we had a date set up to meet! Only problem was, we needed a couple to practice on! Then along came Elizabeth and Wes, our willing guinea pigs....I mean models.
Elizabeth sort of knew what to expect with the session, but Wes didn't. He came along and was such a good sport! They did confide in us that it was a great excuse to get a baby sitter and get away for a couple hours together. 
I asked Elizabeth to tell me in her words how she felt about doing a session in this style. Her's her take on it:
" I would say that this type of shoot felt so natural & not like you had to always be focusing on your smile and I could really enjoy being with my husband. The experience was very romantic and really brought out the joy I feel being in this relationship. I loved seeing the results of the photos as "us" and not some scripted pictures of who we should be. Overall, it was an amazing experience & we continued to talk about it for days."

Thank you Wes and Elizabeth for being our willing models and letting a half dozen photographers snap away for an hour or so! You 2 were so cute, and I love the naturalness of the images I got from the day. 

I enjoyed myself so much at this shoot, I'd LOVE to do more like them. If you like the idea too, please contact me to set something up!


Tara said...

These are gorgeous! You did a great job here! You can really feel their connection.

Melissa Jean Johnson said...

What a great shoot! They look so beautiful and so loved!

Alyssa Ernst said...

I really like the top image! Nicely done!

Dawniele said...

I have something similiar to your Beloved sessions called Remember...I love these sessions.  I really hope to do more myself!  Nice work!

Maggie said...

I think this is a fabulous way to capture a couples relationship! Beautiful images!

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