Thursday, December 1, 2011

sharing the star bokeh again

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Pin It Last year I did a whole bunch of Christmas blog posts on my other blog with my pretty vintage ornaments. And on some of the images I used a layer that I made from an image with star bokeh.
I thought I'd repost the links for download again and show you what they look like. Plenty of time for you to play around and make a magical holiday photo! If you missed that past post, have a look on the link above and also HERE.

This is one of my fave images from the past using the colored star layer. I almost always will use it on screen mode, that's the look I like best. But you could use it on some of the other blending modes too. Then make a layer mask so you can mask off areas that you don't want it on, like faces. These directions are assuming that you use photoshop and know how to work with layers.

If you like the free bokeh layers, please share this post on FB, google+ or pin it.
I'd also like to see what you do with you own photos, so you can share them on my FB page, or link to them in a comment below.

Download the colored star bokeh HERE.

Below is a picture done with the white star bokeh layer, also on screen mode. Last year's photo of my cute little grandson waiting in line to see Santa!

Download the white star boheh HERE

Have fun and share!!


Steve said...

Cool idea. I saw this thing once where you basically put a image cut out in front of your lens and it is supposed to produce bokeh, but I have never used it. Have fun with it!

Zoe Says said...

How FUN! Your photos are so full of light and color, they're really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Dana Stavana said...

Beautiful images, thanks for the "freebie" too!

Sylvia Cook said...

Steve, that's the way this was done. Now I actually have a lens baby that comes with "creative aperture" disks, so I don't have to make my own:)

Karen Cooley said...

Love the star bokeh!  I keep meaning to try this myself.  Now you're just encouraging me to do so!

Tara Colburn said...

Fun! Thanks for sharing!

myla said...

i love bokeh! so fun!

Terri Jacobson said...

Your photos are beautiful and I love the star bokeh.

Imene Said-Kouidri said...

Lovely Bokeh, thank you so much for sharing!

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