Saturday, October 1, 2011

senior girls of September

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Pin It Ever since I moved all my senior postings over to the senior blog, this blog has been a little neglected. So I thought I'd just put up a little teaser of the 4 gorgeous senior girls I had the pleasure of working with in September!!
I adore working with seniors, they are so fun and willing to do whatever!
If you have a friend, relative or know someone that is a HS senior this year, send them on over. And if you know a HS junior, send them on over too so I can talk to them about being a rep for me:)

Now here's Isabella, Kelly, Ti'erra, and Ellie........ the girls of September!
You can hop on over to the senior blog to see more of their sessions!


myla said...

gorgeous girls!

Zoe said...

I love your web frames! Lovely ladies, too, of course.

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