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Pin It Have you ever had one of those days where you couldn't decided on what kind of processing you wanted to use for an image...or a session?
Do I go with bold and clean? Vintage? Color washes? Black and white? Soft and pastel?
Oh the choices are endless aren't they?

Usually I choose based on the feel of the session. More than likely an urban session like these images will get the more bold and colorful look rather than the soft pastel or washed out look of a session in a field or beach.
But even after choosing the initial style of editing, there's so many more subtle changes you can make!

Just to illustrate the dilemma I sometimes find myself in, I edited this same image 6 different ways. And that's just the beginning of what can be done! Should you keep a session of images all uniform in style? The advantage to that is similar looking images for a wall grouping or of course a coffee table album.
But it's so fun to show some other possibilities to the client right?

Do you have a favorite from the 6 different looks below?

Just in case you're wondering how this editing was accomplished so beautifully (true right?) I used exclusively the new Florabella Classic Workflow Collection from
The Florabella actions have always been some of my favorites, and just when I think Shana Rae has come out with the best set ever, I'm pleasantly surprised to be wrong:) So here's a little preview of just a handful from the new set. Keep your eye on the Florabella blog for the big'll be glad you did!

This new set has 53 Photoshop & PSE Actions, including 8 all in one workflow actions, 25 artistic options, 15 essential workflow actions, and 5 finishing actions.

                                       Classic Black and White                     Classic color + add some drama + pastel haze
                classic color + deep azure                           classic color + warm color pop
         classic color + vintage wash                             classic color + teal shift

Oh, now don't get me started on adding textures! That's a whole different post:)


Mandy Chiappini Photography said...

On this particular photos, I'm partial to the B&W!

Mariana said...

That happens to me everytime, Sylvia. I would choose the fourth and/or the fifth.

Ingrid said...

I like the bottom right-hand corner one best!

Georgianna said...

LOVE that Classic Color and Warm Pop, Sylvia! It really does pop! Beautiful work! xo

Andressa C. said...


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