Monday, August 29, 2011

Charlotte Rose modeling shoot | Seattle children's photographer

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A few days ago, I planned a photo shoot that would provide me with just some fun opportunity to enjoy something for myself! I had some locations I wanted to shoot in and a beautiful young model to work with for a few hours. Sometimes I like to add things to the portfolio for a certain look, or a specific age group.

For some reason, parents don't seem to get their elementary or middle school children's portraits taken very often, unless it's part of a family session. We all know that newborns and babies have photos done, HS seniors get theirs done....but those kids in between seem to get neglected. And a wonderful opportunity is missed out on! Who knows why? Kids this age are fun and easy to work with, and can be made to feel really special for the day!

Now Charlotte Rose was a bit of a different story. She is an aspiring model, and I knew working with her would benefit us both. I could add some fun and awesome images to my portfolio of this neglected age group, and she could have some new images for her portfolio. Win win!!
I'm sure you'll agree after seeing these images that she is a natural and has "the look".



Jerri Johnson said...

Win-win is right!! Gorgeous color, wonderful picked some wonderful locations, and yes, a beautiful model. Gorgeous photos!

Jo Bekah Photography said...

Fantastic work! She is so beautiful, you were lucky to photograph her. I've really enjoyed watching your photography grow! :)

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

These are stunning and she is beautiful!!!!!! Love them!!!

English Worksheets said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Amber said...

Great work! She is such a gorgeous girl, it looks like it was a lot of fun!

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