Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's a Preemie Thing- giveaway winner

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Pin It Back last Feburary, It's a Preemie Thing had a nationwide giveaway for families of preemies. They were looking for a few photographers to donate a session, or a gift certificate or anything to spread some cheer to preemie families across the nation.  The response was overwhelming… many across the US, Canada and even in Japan donated time, session fees or an entire package!! 

I threw my name in there for a free full session, and was chosen by Marcie to do her portraits. 
We got in contact with each other, and waited until the weather would be a little more appealing for an outdoor session. We met up last weekend at a local beach, and Marcie decided it would be nice to have both sets of grandparents involved with us.
It was such a pleasure to met them all, and little Ray, what a treasure he is!! Almost 3 now, you would never know he went through so much in his young life.

I asked Marcie to give me a little information about his birth for this blog post, and I also wanted to include a couple photos of the little guy shortly after his birth. Please read on for an amazing story!!

"Ray was born at 24 weeks and weighed just 1 lb. 11oz. and was 13 inches long. After 102 days in the Valley Medical Center NICU, we were finally able to bring him home. He loves his cars and trucks and is an active, normal, nearly three year old now with no ill effects from his premature birth. The doctors still do not know what caused him to come so early."

Can you believe this is the same little guy?  Many years ago I used to work in the NICU at Children's Hospital here in Seattle, so I'm used to seeing little preemies like this. But it still amazes me to this day how tiny and fragile they are, and yet can grow up to become a bundle of energy like little Ray was!! 
Here's some of those cars and trucks that he loves so much. Oh yeah, that green one, I think it was on top of my head a few times:)

And here they are proudly wearing their It's a Preemie Thing shirts!

It was a great pleasure and honor to meet you Marcie, along with the grandparents, and of course your little miracle. You're a lucky and blessed momma!! Thank you for choosing me to take your family portraits!

For those of you that have had a preemie, or know someone that has (or possibly will have this year)....pass on the website and facebook page for It's a Preemie Thing. I do believe this photographer giveaway is going to become an annual event. And I for one will be participating again!!


Andrea Lopez {PHOTOGRAPHY} said...

This is a beautiful session. I especially LOVE the image where Ray is sitting on th log and the sunflare is coming in :)

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