Wednesday, June 22, 2011

first beach- part one

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Pin It I've been working like crazy to get part of these images edited and blogged, all the while suffering from my usual "first day of summer cold". Why is it that the worst cold of the year I get is right at the start of summer?
I also could be out working in my overgrown yard......but that's another story.

Anyway, I have a personal post to put up, just one of several parts. Too many images to subject you to all at once! My daughter and grandson came along with me to the Washington and Oregon coast for a little mini get away last week. We had fairly decent weather, considering what our PNW spring has been like this year.
We got to explore the cute little towns of Longbeach and Seaside plus introduce Bennett to the ocean for the first time! He loved it by the way....cold water and all.
He had no fear of running right out into the water (that could be a bad thing I guess). He took a few tumbles, ate some sand and got plenty wet! Those images of him will come later, but for now, here's some from the first part of our trip to Longbeach Washington.

He's turning into such a little boy!! No more baby:(  The first thing he did was to pick up sticks everywhere we went.
Stay tuned for part 2- as we head further south to Seaside Oregon!


sarah in pisces water said...

these are adorable! What a fun trip.

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