Tuesday, June 28, 2011

beach getaway- part 2

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Pin It So many photos to go through from this 3 day getaway, I'm continuing it in parts. This is part 2, in Seaside Oregon. I love this cute little town! It's great for families and kids. A big huge beautiful beach, a boardwalk all along it from one end of town to the other, and lots of CANDY shops!

I used to come here with my daughter (in these photos) when she was on a competition dance team. Then she was a teenager and footloose and fancy free. Now we're here with a busy busy 16 month old. Makes for a much different trip.

I think I said in the previous post how much Bennett loved running into the water. In fact it was hard to get the shots of him, because he had no fear and would run right out into the waves, then the sand would slip away from under his feet...and down he would go!

He also had some fun carousel rides and browsed all the candy stores with us. That little tyke can sure run fast up and down the aisles of the candy stores!
Playing in water just didn't happen only at the beach!

One more part to go...stay tuned!


Joni said...

all of those goodies look amazing!

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