Sunday, May 8, 2011

Magaly :: 2011 Kennedy HS senior :: Seattle senior photographer

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Pin It I'd like you to meet yet another of my beautiful HS senior girls from this Spring! Magaly came to me via another gorgeous girl I had a session with back last fall, maybe you remember her? I've had an amazing month of lovely girls, and they've all been so fun to work with!
We met a few evenings ago, and lucked out with a bit of sunshine at the beginning of our time together. The gardens were beautiful, and flowers were beginning to bloom everywhere.

I do love doing senior sessions! If you hurry, and haven't yet done yours, there's still a little time!

Now on with Magaly's story and photos!

If you could hop on a plane right now, and take a trip all expenses paid...where would you go?
"I would go to Paris, France" 
What kinds of activities are you involved in? Hobbies? 
"Right now I’m not involved in any activities, but during high school I have been involved in cheerleading and lacrosse. My hobbies include running, reading, and hanging out with friends."
Do you have after graduation plans? 
"My after graduation plans are to go with my classmates to the all night senior grad party."
What’s your favorite type of music? Favorite band?
"My favorite type of music would have to be anything from Katy Perry to Ke$ha to Phoenix and Rooney. I don’t have a favorite band exactly but I like listening to almost all types of music."
How would you describe your style...? 
"I would describe my style as fashionable and effortless."
What are 3 words that describe you? 
 "Happy, Kind and Fun"
What do you most want to remember about your senior year?
"I most want to remember having fun times with my friends and being happy."

Well, I certainly hope the remainder of the school is fabulous for you Magaly, I just know all your friends will remember you!


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