Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Pin It We had another gloomy Seattle weekend, but these next couple posts will be sure to brighten up your day!
I had an inquiry a few months ago from a couple of senior gals that wanted to have their sessions together. Best friends for years. Sounded like fun!!

We postponed the date by one day, hoping for a break in the rain. We didn't have any rain, but we sure had wind and cold, for April anyway. These two braved it though.....well mostly. They did wrap themselves up in my quilt for awhile. Some of our shots looked more like a slumber party on the beach than a senior photo shoot. But it was all good.

I have twice as many photos to sift through and edit of course since this was a "double session" but I couldn't resist getting this cute collage up of the two of them first. I think I'll give each of the girls their own blog post for their individual shots, but for now....a few that I liked of the 2 of them!

I LOVE this collage! Aren't they fun?


Michael & Sue said...

Wonderful Sylivia!! Such sweet girls and how fun they did their shoot together! Ahhhh...the sweetness of girlfriends...
Is that at Golden Gardens? I live here in Seattle too and am just WAITING for some decent weather for shooting! So many cancellations and rescheduling!
Are you on Flickr? My address is flickr.com/photos/suefowlerphotography
Keep up the GREAT work, enjoy your postings!!

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