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Emily : : Tahoma HS senior : : Seattle senior photographer

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Pin It Part 2 of 3 for these two senior girls that shared a session last weekend. Since we did 2 girls with joint photos, and their own individual photos, I wanted to blog separate posts for them.

First up is Emily....with gorgeous red hair. Emily answered her senior questions for me and guess what? She is joining the list of senior girls that have Greece on their list of top places to go! So here we go!

If you could hop on a plane right now, and take a trip all expenses paid...where would you go?
"I would go have a really hard time deciding where I would go because I want to go everywhere, but if I had to choose where I wanted to go first I would go to Greece because I have wanted to go there the longest. I would want to see the ruins and other historical sites and the coast and Athens and eat Greek food."

What kinds of activities are you involved in? Hobbies? 
"I play on the Tahoma Girls Varsity Golf team. I also love to snowboard and play soccer. My absolute favorite hobby is sailing and having coffee with my friends."

Do you have after graduation plans?
"After graduation I plan to go to a four year college, most likely University of Washington, and study political science and something else involving economics or business. After that I want to join the Peace Corp then go to law school."

What's your favorite type of music? Favorite band?
"My favorite type of music is something like alternative/pop. I love The Maine, The Summer Set, Every Avenue, A Rocket to the Moon, Rooney, and Ke$ha. I also like popular music, some rap and hip hop and some oldies."

How would you describe your style?
"I would say that it is casual, comfy and cute."

What are 3 words that describe you?
"Silly, smart, motivated."

What do you most want to remember about your senior year?
"I want to remember having fun with all my friends and enjoying new experiences."

Thanks for the fun session Emily! Good luck with all the new adventures in your life, and I hope you make it to Greece one of these days. I know you'll love it!!


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These are great Sylvia...were they all taken at GG?

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