Thursday, February 10, 2011

loving black and white

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Pin It I was lucky enough to spend some time with Bennett yesterday, and the weather was lovely, so we got outside for a bit and took a little walk around the neighborhood.
He's at a very fun and curious age, babbling and interacting with his surroundings more and more.

I got some cute shots, and decided to play with my new Florabella actions and use the black and white ones for a change. I do love black and white, but find it hard to leave the color image, especially with Bennett's big beautiful blue eyes!

Here's a few of what I worked on.....

And because I can't resist those eyes..................


Marian said...

He´s irresistible!! The way he poses... and those wonderful eyes!! Great work, Sylvia. You´re privileged!

Shae Lorigan said...

Soooo cute!!!

Abby Lanes said...

Those are awesome in black and white! I love those Fairytale actions too! ;)

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