Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Valentines Day couples contest!!

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Pin It Something new for this year!! A couples contest!

There's something about contests that I LOVE!  It's fun to see people get all excited and 'competitive' and it just shakes things up a bit.
I'm looking to expand my portfolio from the newborn/child/family area that I have been mostly doing, and thought couples/engagement would be fun. What I REALLY want to do is a "vintage" couples session, but that will not be a requirement for this contest! A bonus yes, a requirement no. (If we do a vintage inspired session, you will also receive a free 11x14 mounted wall portrait....contact me for what I envision a vintage inspired session to be, and check out this blog post!)

So read the post and the rules below, then at the bottom is the submission form. Very easy to fill out!

The contest will be canceled if there are fewer than 5 entries!! So share this post by clicking on the share button on the bar down below!!
Entries start NOW and will be accepted until Jan 16th.


Mandy said...

Oh fun! I am currently working on something very similar to this!! Great minds! :)

Sarah Louise said...

How fun! I just submitted my entry! I actually found your blog through your daughter's blog! :) Hopefully some Seattle folks will enter!

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