Sunday, December 26, 2010

Family Christmas

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Pin It Can it really be over already? Well I guess not, until the decorations are all taken down and put away.....a job I'm not looking forward to!
This Christmas was so fun, with Bennett being a part of our family this year. Brought back memories of the early Christmases when my girls were little.
He was all wide eyed, loved the lights and sparkly things on the tree. A little too young to be ripping open the presents himself, but he definitely had some favorites, like his new toy cell phone and his Mickey Mouse!

I'm so fortunate to have the family that I do, wonderful daughters and great sons in laws! And the cutest little grandson there ever was!

Plus....there is still time to enter the CALENDAR GIVEAWAY on the Inspirations blog!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and thanks for being a blog follower!


The Alexander's said...

Love the pictures, he is seriously SO adorable!

Sylvia Cook Photography said...

@The Alexander's
Thanks Lisa, I bet you're getting very anxious for your new little bundle to arrive!

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