Monday, October 11, 2010

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My daughter Mandy does an every other week photo challenge on her blog, and I occasionally do some of these on hers as well as other blogs.
This one is "precious moments"...and maybe not fair to her that I keep picking photos of Bennett in her challenges, but what is more precious than this?
It's from the archives, back in May when he was only about 4 months old. I had just gotten a new lens and wanted to try it out, so off we went to the local park to take a few shots.
This one turned out to be my favorite!  Love the way the little noses just fit together!! Plus we had some pretty light to work with.

Check out the rest of the entries on her blog.


Jhen.Stark said...

OH MY GOODNESS! This is absolutely precious indeed! If i'm understanding, you're mama to that mama and grandma to that baby! HOW PRECIOUS INDEED!

Jana Hamarova said...

Beautiful moment captured!

Shell said...

Oh how sweet! What a lucky Grandma/Nana :)

Ashley Elliott Photography said...

This is so cute, I follow both you and your daughters blogs because I admire your photography but I had no idea you were related! What a great family talent!

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