Thursday, October 21, 2010

growing up way too fast

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Pin It I had the best day yesterday spending it with my daughter and grandson:)
It was a gorgeous sunny fall Seattle day!
It's always so amazing here in the PNW when the weather is good. If only every day could be like today!

We took the afternoon and did a little shopping, eating lunch, and for Bennett.....playing in the fountain at Redmond Town Center. It really felt like a summer day out! I had my camera along (nothing new there), so I was able to document a little bit of it.

First up the courtyard and Bennett's first taste of rice at a Thai restaurant. More of it stuck to his clothes than went in his mouth.

Before we left, we went in the candy shop. I love these pics of him!!! Looks like he's thinking in the first one "yummy....I'm in candy heaven".......and in the second one..."but Ma, why did you bring me in here if you aren't going to give me anything!!!!"

On the way back, Bennett took a little snooze in the car seat. We were not able to successfully get him down for a nap after returning home, so I got more play time (and camera time)....yippee!

And THIS is what you do when the baby has just discover his new found independence with crawling! You put him in a box! 

He really did like it in there, I promise!!

I ♥ this little guy so much!!!!


Jette Gad said...

Oh he is absolutely adorable.... love the "box" pictures so much... took similar ones of my son when he was around the same age.. and they really DO love it :)

Mandy said...

Ha ha I love the photos with him sucking on his bottom lip!! So cute!!
Thanks for posting these, Mom! We had a great day!

Emma said...

These are so cute!! Love the box photos too :)
Such a lovely way to document your time together.

Georgianna said...

He certainly is growing fast! Amazing! And totally adorable, too. Have a great weekend! - g

Abby Lanes said...

Totally precious, Sylvia! He is lucky to have you too, and I'm sure loves you back just as much!

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