Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fall {what to wear} :: Seattle area photographer ::

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Pin It Pacific Northwest falls can feel really short sometimes!!
One day there's color everywhere on the trees, the sun is out with a nice blue sky....and the next day.....BAM!!
We have a rain/wind storm and every. single. gone!  How can that be???

I know everyone is thinking of the upcoming holidays, what to give the family for Christmas, can we get a new photo done for a card, etc.
Well the month of October and the first couple weeks of November is all we have to prepare for that.
This time of the year goes SO fast and many photographers are extremely busy!

Are you interested in a mini session that would only be about 30 minutes long, but provide you with at least 5 awesome Fall images to choose for gift prints or for a card?
I'm considering doing this over the next month....but the time is moving quickly for scheduling them.

Let me know if you'd like to get something on the books soon!  E-mail Me!

Now here's some inspiration for what to wear!


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