Monday, June 7, 2010

A day without rain

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Pin It Here's a few of my daughter and grandson from last week. Here in Seattle we seem to be paying for the great weather we had in the Winter and early Spring when the rest of the country was having miserable weather. We've had our share of rain lately, so when I had a day off of work and wanted to visit with Mandy, how could I resist bringing the camera along? The timing was perfect to include this beautiful location....and it wasn't raining....BONUS!

In case anyone's interested, in these photos in the first one posted, I used the Florabella action "Vintage Summer" and the texture "Merger" from Jessica Drossin.

And this is the new blog template that Rita from Coffeeshop has just offered on her blog. Isn't it cool? Matches mine quite well doesn't it?


It's a beautiful life! said...

Cute cute cute! I downloaded those new templates from Rita last night and have been playing around with them all morning! Love them!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Sylvia you have the most beautiful daughter and look at that sweet little baby!!! Oh my gosh I could die...I can't wait for grandbabies!!!!!! I want one so badly!!!! The pictures are so beautiful!!! You are a very gifted photographer.

Dawn Gordon said...

Lovely images, and lucky you to have such a beautiful daughter and cute little grandson!I'm looking forward to grandchildren one day.....not too soon though since my son is only 11 right now :)

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