Monday, March 8, 2010

Props, props and more props!!!

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Pin It SO many contests to enter, so little time!!
This week on Prop Insanity is a contest for photos of newborns using props. And admittedly I am a prop junkie!! This is one of my all time faves of little Jack in my antique suitcase.
Isn't he adorable?

The full post of him back in November is here.

Also of note.....I just purchased Jessica Drossin's texture pack 2 and tried them out on this photo.
I used 2 different ones here, "hidden" and "wash". Love my new texture pack!! Thanks for making such awesome textures and at a very reasonable price too Jessica!

If you're a photographer and love to play with textures in Photoshop, you must go see Jessica's textures. I bet you'll buy once you lay eyes on them!



Jim deMaine, MD said...

Hi Sylvia, thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Although I don't miss the stress of the ICU, I do miss witnessing the great care given there. I think the ESH was a special place. I miss seeing you all.

What a treat it is to see your photography. Keep it up!

All the best,

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