Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New blog design!!

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Pin It I'm lovin the look to my new blog! I've wanted to change things up for a bit and incorporate the new colors and logo, but kept hitting snags when trying to do the slideshow.
I was working with Rita from Coffeeshop Designs trying to get things ironed out and she did the basic template design for me, with the drop down menu and search elements. Thank you Rita!!! And I also figured out how to add the signature and different fonts by following her great tutorials!

But I was still having trouble with my slideshow header...seems it wouldn't work right in Firefox all of the time. I hate how different browsers have different requirements, makes things complicated!

Then I stumbled on Timi from Cinnamon Girl Studio Design. She does a great simple template for a photoblog, and also offers individual design elements! Finally a fix for my slideshow!! Yay!
Thanks Timi!!

No doubt I'll be doing some more minor tweaking over time, but for now I love it!!

What do you think???


Abby Lanes said...

I love it Sylvia! I just came up with a new direction and name for my blog. I'll change it up soon, as i work out the introduction and details. I love the way this looks. I'm so happy for you and the direction of your photography and life. You rock!

AlissaDawn said...

Very pretty mom! I love the colors and the header!

Georgianna said...

It's terrific, Sylvia! Thanks so much for your visit and comment – I'm sure your Bleeding Hearts will still be going strong next week. Look forward to the photos. :) – g

Kristi said...

Sylvia, your blog is beautiful and I love your images! Thanks for stopping by. ♥

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