Sunday, January 31, 2010

What do you get with Custom Portrait Photography?

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"A picture is worth a thousand words".....we've all heard that saying.

Do you believe it? If you do, you'll be the kind of person/parent that values a custom portrait session.

Do you feel like dragging your newborn out to a studio in a mall somewhere days after he's born?
Do you want to stand in line, fight the traffic and crowds?
Or do you want your precious little bundle photographed in the comfort of your own home with things around him that are familiar and special to you?
And do you want the added benefit of the many cute props that I can bring to your session?

Do you want your toddler or child photographed in a "cookie cutter" studio with a fake outdoor background and all the same poses that every one else has?
Do you envision him sitting on a little stool squirming around with hot studio lights on him saying "cheese"?
Or do you prefer to have an outdoor location at a park, beach or your yard with beautiful natural light and a few hours of just having fun?
Do you want your photo to have the benefit of custom post processing that I can offer to turn it into a work of art?
Each individual image in your gallery will be given special attention to processing, as well as the finest finished product you can have when processed in my professional print lab. Your photos will be printed on the finest quality paper with the best inks used.

Do you want to be rushed through your session and all the "usual poses" at a fast pace?
Do you want to try and find a different place each time to get your child's photo taken and never see the same photographer twice?
Or do you want to have a nice relaxed fun session over 1-2 hours?
And do you want to have a photographer that you can develop a relationship with that will get to know your child and your child in turn will feel comfortable with and look forward to having photos done?

I truly believe that family portraits are something that should be thought of as a necessity and not a luxury. There is NO going back to capture each precious stage that a child goes's here today and gone tomorrow.

Don't be one of those people that wishes in 5....10 years that you had some artistically done portraits of your child or family hanging on your walls.
You and your children are worth the investment now!

A partial breakdown of what is included in your custom photo session:
  • a phone or email consultation discussing the details, what to wear, what to bring, etc.
  • my time for travel to our location.
  • the session itself....lasting 1-2 hours at an outdoor location or in the case of a newborn session...up to 3 hrs in your home.
  • uploading your images to my computer and sorting through them to choose the very best ones.
  • custom post processing on each of the 20-30 final images.....some with advanced processing such as textures.
  • uploading the sneak peek images to the blog and Facebook.
  • Resizing the images to upload to your online gallery
  • emails to communicate with you when the gallery is finished, and to clarify any questions
  • Sorting through your order for completeness
  • Uploading the images to the lab
  • Finally receiving the order and sending it off to you.

Why is Professional baby photography worth the price tag?  Please follow the link to a great article on
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