Saturday, January 9, 2010

The return of "Little Miss Independance" {Bellevue children's photographer}

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Pin It Miss Kamryn and I met first last May when she was only 16 months old. The thing that struck me then about her (other than the fact that she was so darn adorable) was her independent nature. Check her out on the previous post.
Things haven't changed much with her personality, but she's grown so much and has longer hair! What would you give for that head full of shiny curls?

She's a pretty typical 2 year old, NEVER stopping for a minute. She sure gave me a run for my money!! Luckily we postponed our session one day, and ended up with an absolutely gorgeous January day that felt like Spring. The sun was out, the day felt warm, and we were able to enjoy a walk in the park while I tried to keep up with her.

I have many shots that I like from my first look through, it was hard to pick for the sneak peek, but I finally decided on these first few. Hope you enjoy!!
Thanks for calling on me again Jenn, Kamryn is a delight!!

Below is an example of the 3x3 mini accordion album I can have ordered for you. They are two sided with 10 photos total, and close magnetically.


Isabelle Lafrance said...

She is so adorable, I love your work Sylvia!

The Alexander's said...

She is so cute!

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