Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Before and after ~editing with textures~

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Pin It I decided I'd post a before and after shot up here today just to give you all an idea of how completely different editing with textures can make a photo look.
I've been using texture overlays for awhile now with my photography, and have lately purchased a couple of collections that I am completely in love with!

One is the Florabella collection that I've had for a bit, and the other is the collection by Jessica Drossin.

Using textures isn't hard once you get the hang of it. But what I LOVE about it is that you can make a photo look a million different ways, that's the hard part, deciding on where to stop and what look to give it. I think they add a richness and a depth to the photograph, making them look like works of art...like paintings. I don't use them with everything, but there are certain images that really seem to "call out" for a texture.

If you've never used textures before, you can start with doing a search on Flickr and download lots and lots of free ones.
Once you do that, and play around for awhile, you'll be hooked.

I highly recommend if you want to purchase some excellent high quality texture packs, check out the above links. Not only will you see the textures, but a whole bunch of beautiful photos for inspiration from Shana Rae and Jessica.

Below is a comparison from my latest photo session with this adorable little girl and her parents.
I did do some basic editing like cloning and patching on the background before applying the texture. But WOW, when I added "dead brown bug" (don't you love that name), the photo instantly popped and I knew that was the right texture for this photo. I did 2 different layers, in different blending modes of the same texture.
I think it makes it look as if Miss Addison is in an enchanted fairy land, what do you think?


Site Administrator said...

Dear Syliva! Wow, what a gorgeous example. You are such a tremendously talented photographer and your editing skills are also top notch. xoxo, J

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