Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall-winter clothing ideas

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Pin It So now that the seasons are abruptly changing, I thought I'd do a post with some photos and links for clothing ideas.
I love the pretty Spring time clothes, pastels, flowers everywhere, etc....but now we have to think about Winter and different colors.

Generally we would use darker- more jewel tones. Plum, aqua, purple, deeper greens and blues.
Layering is definitely the best choice...lots of scarves, hats, leg warmers, fun boots. Vests and pretty knits are also great.

I put together this collage of images to get you thinking, and to make your mouth water for these cute outfits.
I also have some links to share below so you can browse online for other great ideas.
If anyone has other favorite places for fun funky them here!

Boden USA
Matilda Jane
Moppet Frocks
The Children's Place
Janie and Jack
Gen Marie
Everything Pretty (Etsy seller)
Kissing Kumquats (Etsy seller)
Kate Emersons Designs (Etsy seller)


Site Administrator said...

Thanks for the great links to some cute clothing items. Good outfits can make or break a shoot. -Jessica D.

Isabelle Lafrance said...

This is cute! It's so hard with boys sometimes! They want to stick to their jeans and t-shirt combo!

Natalia Smiles said...

Another great clothing place is Gymboree. They have the most adorable things! :)

Diane said...

I agree Isabelle, I have a little lad and its so hard to find winter clothes for him. Girls do seem a lot easier to cater for in this department. Last year I did manage to find a few items from the end of year sale over at great universal so I might either try there again this year or check out a few new places. Gymboree definitely look pretty good Natalia! Very cute!

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