Monday, July 27, 2009

No bribes and no tantrums *Seattle area family photographer*

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Pin It For those of you that have followed my blog, you know most, if not all of my sessions have included children, generally under 4. So what a change for me to do a couple of 20 something guys!
Wow....they take direction! They didn't run away from me, pout, cry, or need bribery. They did however seem suspiciously cooperative and pleasant.
Is this the norm I wonder for the above 4 crowd, or perhaps were they bribed and paid by their parents? Either way, we suffered through the heat at the botanical garden on Sunday.
I have a few shots ready for the blog today, more to come this week!


Isabelle Lafrance said...

This is great Sylvia, kids are fun, but sometimes you can go further with adults!

Lisa said...

These are great!!!!

Susan Gary said...

really great shots .. nice looking young men!

Anonymous said...


I love these pics!

I'd been wanting good portraits of the guys for a long time, & after seeing your work online (thanks to Lisa), I was happy you'd consider photographing adults.

The photo session was fun. I liked your relaxed, natural approach, & that it could take place outdoors. Also, it was interesting to observe a pro.


Anonymous said...

(After viewing our gallery and receiving our order)

You are an artist, Sylvia. You took some of the best pictures of my sons I have ever seen. Thank you so much! I’m grateful for the opportunity of meeting with you. Through your talents, I feel I have accomplished my goal of getting really excellent portraits.


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