Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~Kamryn~ Seattle area Children's Photographer

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Oh am I excited about this session!
Yesterday morning I met up with Kamryn and her Mom and Dad. I had found a new spot for photographs, and was anxious to try it out. I had visions in my head of what kind of images I could achieve, and was not disappointed.

Not only is the location beautiful, but check out this cute little angel.
I haven't had alot of luck getting wide shots of children this age, they don't seem to want to be separated from Mom....go figure! But Kamryn was little Miss independant, and enjoyed running the many trails and paths, giving me ample opportunity to get "the shot". Then she would suddenly put on the brakes and stop and pose.

So here's the first of many of my favorites...keep watching for more!

I love this shot so much, I wanted to give it it's own space, and not just as a part of the collage! Have you ever seen such an adorable expression? I really like the way this looks with the added textures.

I think Kamryn found where the fairies hide out!!

Now this little girl has the pouting thing down pat.....


Anonymous said...

Wow what a princess!

Isabelle Lafrance said...

She's a doll! These photos are lovely Sylvia!

Anonymous said...

Sylvia these are beautiful! You do amazing work. We love what we have seen and cant wait to see the rest! Thank you again- Jen Kris and Kamryn

Luke, Leah, Owen, and Sophia said...

I love these! She is such a cute subject and I love the location! I think that I need to move to Washington just for the backgrounds!

Anonymous said...

Very adorable child (I might be a bit prejudice as I am the grandma). This is a very neat website. I love the beautiful photos and quotes.

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The baby so cute..

SEO Philippines said...

The babies are so cute in your featured pics..

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