Monday, May 17, 2010

A stroll through the Arboretum :: Seattle family photographer ::

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Pin It A couple of days ago I read this blog post, and truer words were never spoken!!
I feel the same way as the blog author, and having this family session yesterday totally reinforced it for me.
How many times have you put off family portraits, or your kids portraits??
It's really not that bad now days, with so many "lifestyle" photographers around. You don't have to go to a studio and "pose" under the lights anymore. You can have an enjoyable session outdoors somewhere really beautiful. Perhaps a favorite spot for you that holds special memories, or a new found place to explore!

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

These 3 beautiful ladies....grandmother, mother, and daughter had NEVER had family portraits done! What a shame, because look how completely photogenic they are!
I'm very honored that I was chosen as the photographer to document this momentous
We had a beautiful morning at the Washington Park Arboretum, and right now is the perfect time in the spring when all the azaleas are in bloom. Bright colors everywhere!
Take a look..........

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

What a fun bunch of gals!!

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

Washington Park Arboretum,Seattle,family photography

And if all of the above doesn't convince you to move family photos to the top of your priority list....maybe this story will.
Last year in April I took photos for a former coworker. She wanted some of her 91 year old Father and her nieces together. The little girls hadn't had much opportunity to spend time with their great grand-dad, since they didn't live very close. We got together at her house and I met them all for the first time. A darling 8 year old, a shy 2 year old, and a man that truly gives the meaning to "gentleman". An active, wonderful man who was still playing golf!
To make a long story short....I finished up her photos, delivered them to her, and a couple weeks later I received the call that her father had suddenly died.
I was speechless....of course he was 91, but vibrant and healthy when I met him.

How terribly sad, but at the same time I was extremely happy that I had been able to do those photos for her and her family when I did. She'll have some lasting memories of those last few weeks with him.
I'm sure she's extremely grateful that she had her portraits done!

See the session HERE.


Chasing Dreams Photography said...

Sylvia these pictures are beautiful!!!!! : ) What a gorgeous session.

Tami Tripp said...

This looked like a fun session and what beautiful pictures to have of 3 generations.

Ivy said...

So beautiful Sylvia...yes, I have tears in my eyes. You captured everything about these lovely women perfectly in a magnificent setting. What memories for them.

Sorry for being so emotional, I'll be celebrating a birthday next month for the first time in my life without my beloved mother. I wish someone would have done this for us, or I would have even thought of it.

Perhaps I can do the same for a local family here!!! Beautiful work my friend. You have no idea how you continue to inspire me!

Thank you for sharing:))

Pink Kiwi Studios said...

Beautiful photos and lovely story. You are definitely inspiring.

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