Thursday, April 23, 2009

~Big boots to fill~ Seattle area Newborn Photographer

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Well I've been dying to use this old suitcase for a newborn session since I got it. I had the perfect baby in mind, this is 5 day old Ryder. Just so happens his Dad had this great pair of boots sitting by this chest. Perfect combo!!
The only problem was that this little guy ALSO didn't want to sleep the whole time I was there. What is it with me and newborns??
We had the house up to about 80 degrees, he ate like 10 times, but just wanted to stay awake for the action I think!
I did get about 5 minutes of some shut eye out of him, but it was HARD

Many kudos to all the newborn photographers out there. It's not as easy as it looks!!!

First of the sneak peeks for Mom and Dad, thanks for trying so hard!

Click on the images for a larger view!


Philip and Mandy said...

oh i love that very top picture of him sleeping. so cute!

Isabelle Lafrance said...

So precious Sylvia! I'm going to see baby Lily today, she's four days old! I hope she'll be in a good mood so I can snap some pictures!

Isabelle Lafrance said...

Well, I did see baby Lily, and didn't get any really good pictures! She was in a good mood, but wasn't sleeping!lol.. She was so full of life, I couldn't get anything in focus, little hands and feet were everywhere! It's really hard!lol..

Creative Vignettes said...

You make it look easy, and fun! Awesome work Sylvia!

Teresa said...

Beautiful work! These are wonderful and so precious!

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