Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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♥ Tips on preparing for your newborn’s photo session ♥

Taking the time to plan for your baby’s photo session will make all the difference in the final images. A little preparation will make for a happier baby (and mom) during the photo shoot and you will increase the chances of getting the photographs you are envisioning.

1. Babies can loose the ” newborn baby curl” within about 10 days of birth. If you’re looking for that little rump to be up and the baby to be moldable, schedule your session within the first 10 days after birth.

2. Plan the sleepiest time for the shoot. The sleepier the better, and no one would have a better idea of when that is than mom. Generally right after feeding, the baby will be more content and sleepy. The mornings usually work best.

3. Bare skin is my favorite for newborns and babies (that way we can see their soft newborn skin). Keep in mind, baby may get grouchy when there are too many clothing changes. Diaper covers are a great idea, if you would rather they be clothed. Dress your baby in something easy to take off without disturbing him prior to my arrival. Have whatever the baby is wearing beforehand on loosely, to avoid unsightly red marks. Clothing that doesn’t have to go over the head is good or even just have the baby wrapped in a blanket with diaper on.. You need to be able to undress the baby without losing the deep slumber. Newborns are perfect candidates for naked photos! Not only does nakedness highlight their innocence and newness, but also clothing is often ill fitting and tends to overpower the baby and dominate the image. A neutral colored onesy makes for a very simple and clean photo.

4. Turn up the heat in the house prior to the photo shoot. Babies like to be warm, and since we will be undressing him/her for the photos, it is helpful for the room to be at least 74 degrees. A space heater is also helpful, and I will bring one of those.

5. I will be bringing props, like beautiful textured throws and blankets, different types of containers to place the baby in, and various hats. If you have something special you want photographed with the baby, like a stuffed animal or special blanket, have it ready.

6. I also like to take photos of items in the nursery to use in storyboards and collages. Let me know if there are special items you would like included.

7. I always try to use natural light, but in the event the light is not good at your house, I can use a bounce flash. You can prepare by having blinds and curtains opened, and maybe even moving some furniture around to temporarily give us a better work space near a window. Lighting is perhaps the most crucial element to a good portrait. Therefore, I will need to use whatever space in your home has the best light. Please do not feel the need to burden yourself with extra cleaning or worry about me entering a certain room. The background of your home will not appear in the photographs.

8. Mom and or Dad should be wearing neutral , plain colored clothes. That way you won’t clash with baby in the photos. I’m bound to want to include you in a few!

9. Let me do the work in positioning the baby unless I ask you for help. Only a couple of poses may call for extra hands. Above all….relax and have fun!!

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