Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Vision

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♥ My Vision ♥

The custom photos that you will choose for your family memories are ultimately the product of the vision of the photographer.

Some elements that make that vision “come together” are YOU of course, what you wear, the location, the time of day (light) and the mood (of the environment and the subjects).
Any group of photographers can visualize all these elements in quite different ways. This is why you should look through different photographers photo galleries. Find a match that is right for you!!

I like to think of my “style” as being somewhat photojournalistic, capturing the moment, in real time with real activities. Not so much to direct but to let the spontaneous moments shine through (though sometimes with a little direction!) I love to artistically crop images, use vintage looks, black and white, and add textures and layers in Photoshop. And I don't mind a bit if your child isn't smiling all the time! Moody, pouty faces are welcome too.

When you go to a “chain studio” you don’t have the benefit of 1:1 attention of the photographer at your home, or in the park in a relaxed, fun environment for your child. Neither do you get the lovely captures of natural expression while your child is exploring or playing and being himself. You will only get a simple “say cheese” experience. I'd actually prefer if your child doesn't "say cheese".

Another thing I love is PROPS! I am a prop fanatic!
I have visions of your precious little newborn sleeping peacefully in a beautifully textured basket or on a scrumptious blanket. How about a shallow bamboo bowl? On a suitcase?
Baskets, bowls, unusual containers, throws, even furniture and backdrops…..all these things I can bring to our session.
Cute little baby hats? I also have many uniquely handmade ones in my collection.

The milestones of childhood can never be repeated. But they can be captured in portraits that tell the story of a child's growing up ... as he or she passes through a series of stages...

The Newborn

Tiny feet and hands . . . delicate features and expressions: Your newborn truly is a work of art! Let me create your own very special artwork . . . an enchanting composite or series of photos featuring those charming physical characteristics, the little hands and feet, the pouty lips, the soft flaky skin. Rarely can a single photograph capture the priceless heart-touching emotions you feel about your newborn. But a beautifully conceived image collection can . . . by revealing the artful nuances of expression and sweet new baby charm  that characterize the fleeting days of infancy.   Preserving those precious days in portraits is truly an act of love.
This stage only lasts for a couple weeks, so be sure to set up a session date either before the delivery, or very soon afterwards. You'll be glad you did!

The toddler and young child

The toddler and child images I hope for, will capture those inquisitive, impulsive, unpredictable moments of your child. There is something fun and magical about working outside. The natural settings are perfect for a child’s imagination. I love areas with lots of visual texture like crumbling stones and brick, weathered wood, old buildings, iron work, grassy fields and overgrown gardens.

The toddler is still dependent on their parents, but starting to explore an ever-expanding world . . .and are well on the way to becoming a real little person and letting everyone know . . .
Most toddlers have discovered how to entertain themselves.
Their world is filled with portrait opportunities that capture the mystery and fantasy that are so much a part of these joyful days of make-believe that fade all too soon.
It is during this time I envision some “whimsical fantasy” type images. Playing dress up, twirling in a tutu, playing pirates, having a tea party with the dolls and stuffed animals….all these things are so much a part of this age group, why not preserve the memories? Here your child can dress funky, bright, wearing hats, boots, raincoats, etc.
During these years we can create a story, about who your child is or imagines himself to be!

♥ School age/ Tweens ♥

As your child prepares to enter the teenage years, not only physical changes occur, but emotional, and attitude changes occur as well.
The little person you have known so well is about to become a more complex and less dependent young person. The carefree years are slowly becoming a thing of the past as your child is anticipating the challenges of adulthood.
I think this period, between childhood and the “Senior Portrait session” is often overlooked. Most boys and girls in this age group would rather be doing anything other than having their “portrait” taken. Lets face it, do they really want to go to a studio and sit on the stool under the bright lights?
This is a great opportunity to take them outdoors and try something creative and more to their liking. Urban settings are great for tweens and teens. The photos give a more stylish and hip feel, and use of architectural elements is always a good look. Props are welcome here too!

♥ High School Seniors ♥
The once in a lifetime chance to have those special senior portraits done! Changes of clothes....different props and stylized sessions....what could be more fun? Your senior will have several hours to get many different looks out of their session time. From country to urban and everything in between!

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