Wednesday, February 25, 2009


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What to wear

As far as what to wear for a photo session, there's no need to run out and buy new outfits for everyone, but a little thought can be fun and make a difference in your portraits. So, here's a list of tips to keep in mind when you are choosing clothing.

1.) Add texture and layers (a sweater over shirt, jackets, layered tees), denim, knitted scarves and hats, tutus, and fun tights. Texture adds an element of interest to a photograph.

2.) I love props!! Does your little one have a favorite umbrella or pair of rain boots?
Would you rather see a whimsical shot in dress up clothes and something quirky?

3.) Avoid solid white or black clothing. Tricky to photograph, not very interesting.

4.) Avoid logos and anything else that might be distracting and date a photograph. A little trendy is ok...just don't over-do it. A large logo or graphic on a shirt or jacket is the first thing that will be noticed in a photo.
I also am NOT a fan of hot bright pink on little girls. It doesn't photograph very well and creates color casts on the skin. It's ok if mixed in with other colors, just not on it's own.

5.) If I'm photographing more than one child, it's not important for them to match. Colors that work well together are appreciated however.

6.) What about shoes? Remember your feet will be in some of the photos, so think about what you want to see. Most of the time I will suggest bare feet! Bare feet in the summer, whether clean or dirty, look great. If you prefer shoes, I suggest something plain with only one color and no emblems/logos/cartoon characters to distract the eye. Summertime flip-flops look great too. In the cold winter months, boots are a nice look.

If you aren't sure, feel free to bring a few things and we can decide together. One or two changes of clothes during the session is fine. Extra clothing is always a good idea with children in case something gets messed up ;)

I will generally ask you what size your child wears, so I can bring along some props, clothes, hats, etc, and we can choose from some of those also.

Have a look at this page for some ideas in photos!

“What happens if my child is uncooperative?”
Toddlers often want to RUN AWAY! It’s what they do best. After all, we are looking for realism and spontaneity. Don’t stress, just let them do what they want. There’s no point in having an unhappy toddler during a photo shoot. It’s at that point when I will just follow them around and let them take the lead. Be prepared ahead of time by making sure they’ve napped and snacked prior to the session, and bring some snacks along also. We'll all be thankful later that you did!

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